What To Expect at Your First Appointment

A warm welcome and a professional service.

Once you have booked your appointment you will receive a new patient form via email. Please fill this out and send it back. Filling this out before you come gives us more time to focus on you. If you are unable to fill this out beforehand, do not worry as we will be able to complete this on the day.

First session – approximately 1 hour.

During your first appointment, Stacey will take a full history from you. She will then test your nervous system, posture, muscles and joints. Once all of your testing is completed, she will sit you up and explain what she has found, how she can help, how long it will take and cost. If appropriate and if you decide it is the right thing for you, Stacey will do some treatment in the first session.

You won’t need to get fully undressed however some of the orthopaedic tests would be easier in looser fitting clothes.

You will be given Stacey’s contact details and have full support on your journey back to feeling pain free and more like yourself again.

Parking is free and there is disabled access at both the Monmouth and Cardiff clinics. 

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