My Chiropractor - Get back to

Get back to feeling like
yourself again.

Chiropractic care that is
bespoke to you

Specialist chiropractic care in the centre of Monmouth.

All services are also available in British Sign language.

My Chiropractor - Reduce pain

Helping to reduce pain
& increase mobility.

Our ground floor facilities are
accessible to everyone.

Specialist chiropractic care in the centre of Monmouth.

All services are also available in British Sign language.

My Chiropractor - Who we look after

Who do we look

Chiropractic is for all ages, it is safe
throughout pregnancy and all stages
of life.

Specialist chiropractic care in the centre of Monmouth.

All services are also available in British Sign language.

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Your journey starts

Contact us today to kickstart
your road to recovery.

Specialist chiropractic care in the centre of Monmouth.

All services are also available in British Sign language.

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How can we
help you?

Chiropractic is a regulated primary healthcare profession. We are trained to diagnose, treat, manage and prevent disorders of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, and muscles), as well as the effects these disorders can have on the nervous system and general health. We are also qualified to assess and treat hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, feet, ankles and everything in between.

Who do we
work with?

As Chiropractors we look after a wide range of people from all walks of life and of all ages. From professional athletes, students and tradesmen to retired school teachers, accountants and pregnant mums to be, it's all in a days work for a Chiropractor.

Past and current clients

England Masters Hockey
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
Monmouth Rugby
British Athletics

The Vision.

We are a local, specialist team of registered Doctors of Chiropractic who are dedicated to your care and well-being.

Our specialities include Chronic pain, Sports and Rehabilitation.

We aim to provide:

icon time

Unrushed care in a professional & safe space.

Professional care at your pace. We will always have time to listen and understand each patient individually.

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Empowered care that promotes wellbeing.

Take back control of your health and wellbeing. Achieve your goals and feel like yourself again.

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Outstanding patient focussed care.

Providing professional Chiropractic care that is bespoke to you.

We offer
you a full MOT.

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We do more than just backs. Chiropractors assess your whole body, including your posture, function and general health.

Pain is often multi-factoral. It can be referred from other areas and affected greatly by other factors such as; stress, anxiety, diet and hydration.

We will cover all of these areas and more during your first assessment.

What to expect at
your first visit?

A professional & friendly service.

Your journey back to feeling like yourself again starts when you book your first appointment. Once booked, you will recieve a new patient form via email. This should take about 10 mins to complete and helps us to understand more about what is troubling you, your medical history and your general health. It helps us to ensure we optimise the time we have together.

First session - approximately 1 hour.

During your first appointment, your Chiropractor will talk through your problem in more depth and take a thorough medical history.

We will then assess / test your:

  • Nervous system (including reflexes)
  • Joints (including spine, hips, pelvis, neck and shoulers)
  • Muscles (for tightness, tone and strength)
  • Posture
  • Gait
  • We may also check your blood pressure and any other more specific orthopaedic or neurological testing that is appropriate for you.

Your Chiropractor will then explain:

  • What they have found
  • How they can help
  • How long it will take
  • How you can help speed up your healing
  • How much it will cost
icon chiropractor appointment

If appropriate and if you decide it is the right thing for you, we will start some gentle Chiropractic treatment in the first session.

If your Chiropractor feels you need to be referred for further imaging such as an xray or mri or requires other tests we can help you with the referrals for these.

You won't need to get fully undressed however some of the orthopaedic tests would be easier in looser fitting clothes.

You will be given your chiropractor's contact details and have full support on your journey back to feeling pain free and more like yourself again.

My Chiropractor testimonials

Client testimonials

Find out what people are saying about us.

Testimonial 1
"Stacey has helped me immensely with numerous issues. She is professional, highly knowledgeable, takes the time to get to the cause of any problem and goes above and beyond to solve them. She is always happy to answer any questions and her treatment rooms are the perfect environment to make you feel comfortable and at ease. I am always nervous at any type of medical appointment and I can honestly say I look forward to my appointments with Stacey. I always walk out feeling much better and I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Katherine A
Testimonial 2
"I have had lower back pain for as long as I can remember - after being in bed for 3 weeks at a time when my back went I booked into see Stacy - I now have my life back - I’m not fully there yet but certainly getting there - very friendly lady and I like that she explains things on going"
Mandy D
Testimonial 3
"Just got to say Kelsey and Stacey are amazing chiropractors, happy to answer any questions I had, very professional and made me feel relaxed. Explained from start to finish the treatment plan."
Greg C
Testimonial 4
"I would highly recommend Stacey if you require chiropractic care.Very professional and exceptionally thorough, she deals with the problem and is friendly and attentive. I suggest anyone who needs a chiropractor contacts Stacey I am confident that she will be able to help you.She has certainly improved my range of mobility in a few sessions."
Sean P
Testimonial 5
"I cannot recommend Stacey enough. I went to her with a painful hip and knee. Stacey has really helped and with her adjustments, guidance and advice, I no longer have any pain. Stacey is really approachable, professional and clearly an expert in her field. I felt listened to and informed during all my sessions with Stacey. Thank you for all your help!"
Elspeth M
Testimonial 7
"Stacey has been looking after me for over a year now and I can honestly say that I have never been cared for by any other chiropractor, doctor or health professional so completely in my life. She is highly skilled at what she does but also has a genuine desire to investigate and treat with a determination to see things through. Can't recommend Stacey and her team highly enough!"
Noni N
Testimonial 8
"Stacey is an amazingly skilled and intuitive chiropractor who has helped me realign over the last 6 months from sciatic and knee pain. I highly recommend her professional and personable approach. If I have any further issues I will definitely be back! Thank you for your help Stacey."
Helen H
Testimonial 10
"I visited Stacey over a month ago in a depressed state trying to find help for a trapped nerve in my back which was changing my life. She gave me real confidence that she could help me and she has. With manipulation and exercises I am in a different place. Stacey is a caring lovely person and I am so glad I found her."
Trish H
Testimonial 11
"I was struggling to walk comfortably, couldn't stand around for long, sleeping was really difficult. We worked out I've got hip arthritis. A friend recommended My Chiropractor. After the first two appointments the shooting pain stopped and now after 6 weeks I'm walking near normally ,very little pain or discomfort. Well worth the time and cost. Highly recommend this excellent service."
Tim S
Testimonial 12
"I’ve been having regular adjustments from Stacey for over a year now and can honestly say this has enabled me to continue with my training, hobbies and pass times. I’ve found Stacey to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and understanding of my needs. I would highly recommend."
Mark J
Testimonial 12
"I have been receiving treatments from Kelsey with great results. My hip pain has significantly improved. I highly recommend My Chiropractor and the friendly caring team."
Sue L
Testimonial 13
"I was recommended to this practice and they are fantastic. I have been treated for shoulder problems which after one session improved considerably. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
Lorna GR
Testimonial 14
"Stacey is brilliant. On a monthly basis, she manipulates my ageing carcass and gets it back to somewhere better again."
David F
Testimonial 15
"I can’t thank Stacey enough for the work she has done on me. With her advice and after much crunching and poking, I am now able to play my sport without any pain! I can’t recommend her enough!"
Sarah M
Testimonial 16
"I injured my knee recently and have visited Stacey Priddle twice. She used acupuncture the first time and massage the second time and gave me exercises to do. Already I am off crutches and my knee is able to bend and weight bear and I feel much much better. I would recommend her highly."
Helena G
Testimonial 17
"I started seeing Stacey in January, at the time I was having problems with lack of feeling in my right leg / foot. Stacey is a good listener and treated not only my leg but she was also able to give me me a full explanation of my problems, which in turn she was able to help me mentally as well as physically. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Stacey."
David S
Testimonial 18
"Stacey provides excellent, individually tailored treatment and adjustments in a professional and friendly environment. I have experienced relief from pain and increased mobility with regular, reliable appointments.
I highly recommend My Chiropractor."
Tracey J
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